About The Bubble

Bubble Soccer Boy

1.2m Bubble


Diameter: 1.25m
Height: 1.05m
Inner Space: 35cm
Age: 5-8 yrs
Bubble Soccer Boy

1.35m Bubble


Diameter: 1.35m
Height: 1.16m
Inner Space: 40cm
Age: 8-13 yrs
Bubble Soccer Boy

1.5m Bubble

Most Popular

Diameter: 1.55m
Height: 1.16m
Inner Space: 50cm
Age: 14+ yrs
Bubble Soccer Boy

1.8m Bubble


Diameter: 1.8m
Height: 1.3m
Inner Space: 55cm
Age: Adults


Bubble Diameter


Bubble Height

Inner Space

Bubble Inner Space

Features of the Bubbles


Comfortable Harness

With a padded harness and adjustable strap, our bubbles provide comfort for players without nasty velcro rash or straps that are too tight or too lose.


Auto-Locking Valve

Lock the pump into the valve for unattended inflating and deflating of your bubbles. Anti-deflate valve means you dont loose air even when the valve cap is off.

Transparent Bumper Bubble

Durable Material

Our bubbles are made out of durable TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) which is designed to last longer than cheaper PVC bubbles, is lighter than PVC and is a much safer material chemically. Available in 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm or 1mm TPU

Bubble Sizes

Perfect Bubble Sizes

We have developed bubbles in sutable sizes. Not too large so as to restrict play, and not too small that it is dangerous.

Customise your Bubbles





Know what team your players are on, add colour patterns to your bubbles. We can make half of your order in one colour, and the other half in a different colour.

Transparent Bumper Bubble


Blue Bumper Bubble


Yellow Bumper Bubble


Orange Bumper Bubble


Green Bumper Bubble


Red Bumper Bubble



When adding colour to your bubbles, select from one of these patterns to add style and flare!

Striped Bumper Bubble


Solid Colour Bumper Bubble

Full Solid Colour

Half Solid Bumper Bubble

Half Solid Colour


Add your company or brand logo for extra exposure!

Why buy from Bubble Soccer Australia?

The best thing about buying from us is that there are no hidden costs, and you know you are getting quality bubbles.

While it might be tempting to buy a cheaper bubble from overseas, we don't want you to join the countless number of start-up bubble soccer businesses that have ben whacked with extra hidden charges (such as customs tax, import duty, GST on importation, port handling fees, additional delivery fees etc..) and have recieved poor quality bubbles, only to find that they break after just a few sessions. We are here to help you maximise your return on investment by providing top quality, durable bubbles and giving you a head start on your marketing by listing you on Australias number 1 Bubble Soccer Website!

Our bubbles have been tried, tested and proven by many operators around Australia. Dont Risk it!

Before you buy from anywhere else, please contact us first!

  • Proven Top Quality Bubbles
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees (Like Tax & Duty)
  • Australian Company
  • Pay in AUD
  • Local Support