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As per regular soccer, you play in two teams, ideally with an equal number of players. The difference in Bubble Soccer is that you don't need a goal keeper as you won't be able to use your hands, and the goals are smaller.
The object of the game is to enjoy yourself and have FUN, while encased in your inflatable Bubble trying to score goals. Bubble soccer is played in a designated and marked area. Aside from the standard rules, bumping, bouncing, rolling, flipping over and smashing into other players are tactical parts of the game and are actually encouraged.
Minimum game time runs for one hour, so depending on your fitness, we recommend you have substitutes.


Who can play Bubble Soccer?

Anybody from the age of 12 and over can participate in this breathtaking activity. The bubbles are too heavy and not tight enough to be secure for most children under this age. Bubbles weigh approximately 9 kilograms, therefore you need to be able to carry this extra weight for the duration of play. 


Number of Bubbles
Number of People
one hour (min)
10 X $35 (5 a side)
10 +

one hour (min)

12 X $35 (6 a side)
one hour (min)
14 X $35 (7 a side)
Supply Your Own
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On the Day

bring plenty to drink
wear comfortable & light clothing
wear suitable footwear
be ready for adrenaline pumping FUN!!